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specialist in terminology of the
information technology

Author of a comprehensive English to French dictionary of the information technology

included on the CD-ROM Lexpro Databank version 3.1 of La Maison du Dictionnaire, December 2002:
100,000 entries on 9,000 text pages, with an lexicographical apparatus; including, by various domains of use, translations, definitions, and technical explanations, with numerous crosslinks;
new: translations indexed.
Next version in progress.

Member of the French "Commission Spécialisée de Terminologie de l'Informatique et des Composants Électroniques"
of the Délégation à la Langue Française, official normalization body in technical vocabulary of the French Ministère de la Culture, working in connection with the Académie Française; contributions in the fields of IT and electronic components.

Translator in French of the American book
"The New Hacker's Dictionary"
by Eric RAYMOND (MIT Press, 1993), published by Masson ed. in March 1997 with the title "Cyberlexis, le dictionnaire du jargon informatique."

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